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Ash Wednesday (March 1) - Repent: Turn to Jesus and Not to Yourself
2nd Wednesday (March 8) - Repent: Turn to Jesus; Do Not Turn Away
3rd Wednesday (March 15) - Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Holds the Key to Heaven
4th Wednesday (March 22) - Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Longs to Forgive You

5th Wednesday (March 29) - Repent: Turn to Jesus;
He Changes Your Life
6th Wednesday (April 5) - Repent: Turn to Jesus;
When You Face Temptations  


Holy Week Services -- Dates & themes:
            also "Live Streamed" - in "Sunday Services" Section -

Palm Sunday (April 9) - Repent: Turn to Jesus, Your King
Maundy Thursday (April 13) - Repent: Turn to Jesus
and Receive a Special Assurance of Your Forgiveness
Good Friday (April 14) - Repent: Turn to Jesus;
He and He Alone Finished Your Salvation
Easter Sunday (April 16) - Repent: Turn to Jesus for Resurrection and Life


Special Cares Outreach
 Jesus Cares Ministries is devoted to reaching out to people of special needs,
intellectual & developmental disabilities, 
those with other identified disabilities, and their families.

Come meet with us monthly - 2nd Saturday - 9:00a.m. at Calvary
where we share God’s Word, and participate in Bible Study Opportunities.


Calvary Lutheran Church and School

9807 Church Road
Dallas, TX 75238

(214) 348-5567 (Church)
(214) 343-7457 (School)

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Worship Times

6:00pm Worship

     8:00/11:00 a.m.  
     9:30 a.m.  Sunday
School/Bible Class

To Know Jesus and Make Him Known - Faithfully, Boldly, Excellently ~ I Corinthians 2:2