School Financing
Our practice of ministry support through congregational support, tuition, and fees allows us to pursue our heartfelt desire to serve all interested families, regardless of their economic status.

Calvary & Sister Congregations
Calvary Lutheran Church, Atonement Lutheran Church, and Divine Peace Lutheran Church support the ministry of the school through annual contributions, based on the percentage of their members enrolled.

Members of Calvary & Sister Congregations
Member families pay annual school registration fees and are charged a reduced tuition for enrollment in our kindergarten enrichment program as well as standard tuition fees for our pre-kindergarten program.

Community Families
Families from our community with children enrolled at Calvary Lutheran School support our school through the payment of tuition.  In addition to tuition costs, families are responsible for school registration fees to cover activities and consumables.

Tuition is collected through the services of FACTS Management Company, and families may also apply for financial assistance using the FACTS Grant and Aid Application. It is our heartfelt desire to ensure that a Christian education is possible for all families regardless of their economic status.

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