How To Support Calvary

Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and help out at Calvary Lutheran Church and School throughout the year.  Every member at Calvary has unique skills and abilities, and we could use your expertise with the projects and activities Calvary performs each year. Calvary also has a need for help with the weekly activities that keep the church and school running. If you are able to support the church with your volunteerism, even if its only for a day here and there, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact us to discover how you can help us by calling 214-348-5567 or email


                                                             Charitable Donations

         If volunteering is not an option for, another option to support the church is by monetary donations. Donations                given to the grace of God go towards supporting many different areas of the church, school, and our                              community. Here are some of the most common areas where your donations are sent towards:


General Offerings
Maintenance Reserve
Handbells & Chime Bells
Projector & Video Equipment
Church Bldg Fund
Forward in Christ
Mission Offering Envelope
Synod Contributions
Church Memorial
Debt Retirement
Special Handbell Fund
Endowment Fund
Called Worker Gifts
Organ Fund
Good Samaritan
Food Pantry
Boy Pioneer
Girl Pioneer
LBS - Coffee Fund
LBS - Mission Offerings
Flower Fund Account 


         If there is a specific cause you would like to donate money towards, include a note with the donation or
         contact our Pastor.  

         New! You can now donate monetarily online.  Click on the link below and follow the instructions to support the              church and our Synod.

To Know Jesus and Make Him Known - Faithfully, Boldly, Excellently ~ I Corinthians 2:2