School Handbook
Calvary Lutheran School exists to assist families in the spiritual and academic nurture of their children through teaching and modeling centered on God’s Word so that children might grow in their life of faith, witness, and service to the glory of God in this life and to eternity.

Therefore, Calvary Lutheran Church maintains a Lutheran elementary school for the education, instruction in the Bible, and Christian character building of our congregation’s children, the children of sister congregations with whom we are in fellowship and which do not have a Christian elementary school, and for reaching out to our community with the Gospel of Christ in accordance with Christ’s command to “Go and make disciples of all nations . . .” (Matthew 28:19). In our effort to maintain the above, we follow the guidelines set forth in our School Handbook.

K-8th Grade School Handbook
To Know Jesus and Make Him Known - Faithfully, Boldly, Excellently ~ I Corinthians 2:2