Pastoral Essays

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Bible Translations
Written in response to a pamphlet claiming that the NIV was an unfaithful translation, inferior to the KJV.

Bioethics and Biblical Principles
Pushing the limits of human ability does not always serve mankind.

Changing Our Worship
Are you on 'auto pilot' during worship?  What needs to change?

Church Membership
What is a church?  Is it a building? Is it an institution?  Is it something more?

Couples have many reasons for living together before the public marriage ceremony.  How do they stack up against God's Word?

God’s work of creation still has as much to do with why you and I are here today as it has to do with the origin of our world.

A table comparing how the Bible and Evolution answer important questions.

Feeding Tubes Part 1
Examining the issue of Feeding Tubes in light of the Fifth Commandment.

Feeding Tubes Part 2
If you are considering drawing up a medical directive to guide your family in making decisions in case you become incapacitated, don’t forget God’s claim on your life.

Financial Priorities
How can our financial decisions have an eternal impact?

Forthright Lutheran Funeral Practices
It may come as a surprise to some people that pastors often find Christian funerals one of the more rewarding experiences of their ministry.

Getting Our Work Done
People regard hard work as a virtue (that everyone else should practice).

Wealth has been one of the greatest rivals competing with God for the hearts of his people, down through the ages.

How should a Christian respond to our society’s increasing approval of homosexuality? 

Integrity is a Christian virtue that does not always win one friends.

Intelligent Design
The Christian recognizes that the refusal to acknowledge even the possibility of intelligent design is an attack upon the existence of God.


Iraq and Armageddon
Some Christians find the war in Iraq interesting for more than its political ramifications.

The front cover of an issue of Christianity Today last year asks the question, "Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?" 

Just Wars
Since the time of the early church, Christians have wrestled with the morality of war and military service.

Leave It Behind
Christians who read books in the 'Left Behind' series should be warned that they contain more fiction than even their authors realize.  

Never Alone
You don't have to be all by yourself to feel alone.

Planning a Christian Wedding
Since a Christian wedding is not a secular affair, there are Biblical principles to keep in mind as the ceremony is being planned.

We Lutherans are not known for our prayers. It’s not our long suit.  

You may have heard the words 'redeemed' or 'redemption' used in the world of sports.  But what does the Bible mean by those words?

Spirituality and Religion
Spirituality has become a trendy term and concept in recent years.  But what does it mean to be spiritual?

The Bible and the Middle East
Are the Jews of our time the heirs of the promises God gave to Abraham?   

The Family Commandment
Do people realize that the sixth commandment, "You shall not commit adultery," is the marriage and family commandment?  

The Truth Crisis
The absolute, non-negotiable truth that Jesus taught always centered in love.

The Value of Christian Education
What’s a good education worth?

Unpopular Christianity
If you had lived in Jesus’ day, would you have sided with the conservatives or the liberals?

We 20th Century Americans have developed finely-tuned skills for creating new gods.

Youth--The Future of the Church
Young people are an important part of the Church’s life and ministry.

To Know Jesus and Make Him Known - Faithfully, Boldly, Excellently ~ I Corinthians 2:2